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History of the Harvest House


For those of you that are not that familiar with the history of the location now known as the Harvest House it started out over twenty years ago when my late father, Ezio Berruti and my mother, Carla Berruti came to 1450 Rt. 88 West. 

At the time the building was a tennis club and my parents started a small concession stand selling sandwiches to the members of the club.  Shortly after they started this venture my father started to make dinner dishes that the members could not get enough of.  Then, Carla & Ezio’s Northern Italian Restaurant was started, one of the first restaurants of its kind to the shore area.  My father was determined to educate people on northern Italian cooking, which was much different then the ordinary Italian cooking people were used to.  Northern Italian cooking is traditionally very light with not many red sauces and certainly no Lasagna.  It took my mother and father almost 10 years, and a lot of word of mouth to finally become one of the shores most loved Italian spots.

After 18 years of hard work and dedication my father passed away at the young age of 49.  After my fathers passing, we leased the building to Neil’s Restaurant, which had a very successful but short-lived term at the location.  When my family first learned that Neil's was leaving we immediately decided to come back into the restaurant business.  When then totally remodeled the building to add a full service Brick Oven bakery inside the beautiful three level chalet style building. Thus the Harvest House Restaurant and Brick Oven Bakery was born. 

After a few years the wholesale bakery took off and became my focus. We needed space to expand for more of our wonderful brick lined ovens so the painful decision was made to close the restaurant and become a full fledge wholesale bakery so we could spread our wonderful bread to our customers through out New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We hope you love our baked goods and enjoy them as much as we do


For any questions or information call us any time at 732-458-5411




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